Ok first wipe off that face….not you wama. I mean this holier than thou skunk making the wtf face at my post mbu I’m obsessed with “these parts.”

Kati while you may already know what parts those are; me it’s a word I just learnt today. Seriously! So I’m chatting with this wimpy friend of mine and they called me obnoxious for calling a vagina by its name—no, I wasn’t asking for some, we were having a debate on whether Cyclops also had those things.

So I politely inquire from my modest workmate for an alternative but subtle word and they suggested lady parts. But guys seriously, I understand this whole modesty thing but me I’ve jam lady parts.

I mean this particular part (not parts) already has a name, not just one but many. I would start mentioning some but this skunk making faces at my post will accuse me of being vulgar.
I also understand this part is made up of many sub-parts but duh! They are still parts of the same part.

I swear even if you shook me from sleep I could spout like ten cute and names for a vagina (…What? I didn’t write the dictionary) which are not unnecessarily long and make you sound like a 6year old British girl. Say kitty—if you’re 12, but if you really have to make it so long then call it “capra punari or something.

But lady parts? Tsk tsk!



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