Please don’t distort our language.


This is an appeal to all the hip n’ cool people out there; I mean those who speak really good English with that perfect swerncing accent like that writer chick calls it. The kind that only fuel from gas stations and those that take cabs while you’re looking for a special hire.


While we acknowledge the fact that you’re so fly and know more English than your mother tongue; mutuyambe and leave our language the way it is. If a stage is called ku kasasiro or ku taano, please call it by that, even the bazungu have leant to. There is nothing mortifying about saying “conductor ku bbiri awo”, but if you insist on “conductor at number two” you may find yourself at a toilet, (atte don’t use sign language, you look ridiculous.) If this folly doesn’t stop people are about to start renaming towns and villages.


You should also learn to respect your names; the traditional ones at that. Remember they have noble meanings and there is a reason why your parents chose “Zikusanze” out of all the baby names listed on that month. Don’t distort the meaning of your name by swerncing it; and for crying out loud, desist from that adolescent habit of dropping some of the vowels in your name, all those Os are important, they add meaning to your name so say it out loud and proud, NASOLO!


Kati next time, before you screech “conductor ku rhubbishh”, think of someone screaming out your name (Nalweyiso) in public slackly translated to English…awkward right? That’s what i thought!


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