Stranger Chick Escapades II: A cat on a hot tin roof

…we had planned to have lunch together that day, not exactly a lunch date; she had specifically called it a non-date, like the last two times we had met. 
There was this fantastic offer at bubbles she alluded to me earlier and Tuesday was convenient for both of us.

While waiting for the vegetable pizzas, she started telling me about some assignment she was working on. Squinted eyes, one hand on the chin and the other inadvertently spinning my phone on the table, I wasn’t listening to her assignment, my mind had drifted into another world, pondering the possibility of something becoming of this rapport.
By this time I knew stranger chick was aight! Refreshingly smart, charming, hip and eccentric. The embodiment of everything I needed. She was also informed; in on all the cool places with the craziest discounts around town. But not just that informed, she was au fait with many other things I didn’t know, some times I even thought she purposely picked these topics to show off.

However, like a cat on a hot tin roof, stranger chick was quite irritable
 a fact she vehemently denied. I had to pick my words carefully because she always felt the need to get to the bottom of every one of the innumerable arguments, even when it’s clearly pointless…


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