Stranger Chick Escapades III: Finally a date

…Buzzzz. Vibrations from my drawer. I flung it open to see my phone flashing a reminder at me. A date. Yes, a date this time; after four non-dates.

“Fuck, how did this skip my mind?”.
I had only fifteen minutes to run to the ATM and then hop on a boda to Nakasero. I grabbed the phone, rummage for my keys and earphones, and wrestle my arms into my jacket, every second was important.
Twenty minutes later, I was at the entrance of the restaurant. I knew I was late but I couldn’t see her either. I was just about to call when I spotted her on the other side of the road, rifling through her bag like she is looking for change or something. I figured she’d also just arrived.

“Sente mekka ssebo? I think I have change” I offered, already patting my back pocket for my wallet.

Tilting her head, she paused for a second with her signature puppy face. She seems out of breath. 

“Thank you but I got this.” She wheezed.

What would spike me later was the realization that she took my offer for an insinuation that she had no cash…


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