Stranger Chick Escapades IV: Chopsticks and Seaweed

…So we entered Arirang and got a cozy room for two. But unlike me, stranger chick was no stranger to this place. She wasn’t only familiar with the dishes but also knew the waiter who served us by name. She had been there a couple of times, it was the reason she suggested this place for our first date.Because i had never been to any Asian restaurant, I had to find wily ways of concealing my village, stealing glances at what she did before I started fumbling with anything was a good start.

Moments after we had made ourselves comfortable, two menus were brought before us, one Chinese and the other Korean, I went for Korean; not because i had a preference for Korean food over Chinese, I couldn’t point out one difference if you asked me, i just had to pick something.

Flipping through the pages, I found the word I was looking for; Pork! I didn’t care how or with what it was served, the illustration looked convincing and I decided to take the chance.

“Excuse me”, I called out, “can I have this?” Tapping a finger on #9 trying to avoid mentioning the name of the dish, lest I pronounce something entirely different.

Minutes later, warm damp towels were trolled in. I patiently waited for her to pick hers before I attempt to wipe my face with mine, I bet if she had sneezed in hers I would have done the same.

Then came my entree; On one side of the plate was this thinly sliced pork, sautéed together with onions, garlic and green paper with a dash of soy sauce as well as sesame oil for seasoning. On the other half, a lump of white rice was steaming below an egg fried sunny side up making a nice decoration.

She had also ordered for a third dish; a vegetable dish comprising of sea weed soup, baby cabbage and a collection of condiments. This one was to be shared.

In case you think I’m lying

Looking at the chopsticks, sea weed and all these condiments I’d never seen; this was a freakin’ exam, but I not only had to keep up but impress as well; mostly because that was the determining date. I’d had enough of the so called non-dates and her “we are not relating on that level” bullshit. We had to determine the level and it was then or never…

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