Friendship Lagoon

A friendship lagoon. The worst waters a man can ever paddle. It is a trap, a prison, a black spot, and a mass grave. An infamous death bay of shallow benefits waters on the path to a relationship sea that if not avoided can insidiously trap and cripple a contestant; dooming his quest. It is a zone that should be yellow taped to warn unsuspecting pursuers.

Who are the victims? While it’s rumored that there are women who get trapped in this prison, most of the victims stranded in these shallow waters are men; those who waste valuable time getting comfy in the friend death zone until it gets hard as well as awkward to cross over to the sea.

When does one get trapped? People get trapped in these shallow waters when they inadvertently dive into the alluring bay instead of circumnavigating it straight to the sea.

Some times great, sweet, nice (add all the soft soap in your vocabulary) —but not so formidable—contenders are marooned to these deadly waters where they will spend the rest of their damned lives watching a show they wish to but can’t participate in.
Why is it dreadful? In the race to the sea, every second counts, so while the novice wallows in the lagoon, proficient swimmers are collecting gems in the sea.It is also almost impossible to escape the barriers that separate the lagoon from the sea; one would have to blast through the monstrous rock called “Please-don’t-ruin-our-great-friendship” and her wicked sister called “that-would-be-really-awkward”.

Then the agony of being close enough to watch the shrewd contenders—those who avoided the lagoon—swim in the sea, bask on the beautiful bitch beach and eat all the yummy sea food as you drown in the muddy lagoon waters is quite unbearable. Not to forget, it doesn’t make sense to have all the responsibilities of a participant in the sea yet you don’t enjoy their benefits.
How does one escape the infernal? The only way one can avoid the situation is never to step in this deadly zone because like a mafia circle, those who enter hardly get out.

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