Mun-G Namalayo Concert Review

Against threats from witch doctors who claim to have control over rain and horrifying antecedents of flopping events in Kampala, Emmanuel Mungi Matovu, a.k.a Mun G tramped the nasty odds on Friday 7th September when he received an impressive show up of fans at Kati Kati for his Namalayo concert.

It was awesome, the kind of concert that a Ugandan Hip-hop fan misses for only one reason; “I was out of my mind”. What, you think I’m making up stuff to embellish the show? I’ll justify with a reason….no wait, let me make it ten reasons. Mun G, GNL Zamba, Big Trill, Navio, Vampino, Rabadaba, Enygma, Lyrical G, Don MC, Viboyo and Naava, did I mention Mun G? Now imagine all the above and so many more in one night, one stage, for just 10,000 and 30,000 a ticket. I know…I know, that’s why there were no empty white seats this time (the pictures that have come to characterize music concerts in Kampala lately)

Having picked a rotten leaf from the Sisqo show, I decided to make appearance at 9 pm this time round. But the party had begun already as I found Mr. Woods spluttering a luga-flow remix of Lil Wayne’s A mili to a thrilled crowd. Fenon records had also set up a classy dome shaped stage with good lighting and sound. I however had a little problem with the MC Hypeman, not just because of his irking “American accent”, but at some point the recklessness with which the “f” word slid off his tongue in a vain attempt to seem cool was quite jittering. Kats (his vertically challenged counterpart) was pretty cool though.

Among the other artistes that graced the stage before the star of the night was Young Mulo, Don Mc, Leviticus did Nonya omu, the Luga flo army did their thang and Maisha dancers titillated the audience by flaunting their booty and other shocking scenes I’m still recovering from. Later Swangz Avenue took to the stage represented by Vampino himself followed by Navio and the Legend GNL Zamba at around 10:30pm.

By now Kati Kati was almost full, GNL first took charge of the place by performing Uganda Yaffe and the crowd went wild. By the time he did his fourth song—Wuba wuba akatambala—everyone’s handkerchief was in the air. The crowd was so wild that I was convinced I would actually see a chick snap a bra off her bust as an inviting substitute for lack of a hankie, but I wasn’t so lucky. By the time GNL was leaving the stage everyone was satisfied. But the real show was just about to begin.

Draped in a white suit, Mr. Bintu made for the stage with my favorite Ugandan English rapper and member of Baboon forest, Big Trill as his back up artiste. With an amazing live band (complete with a guitarist who played with his teeth) they performed Kiri Obvious and followed it with Ebintu. In the background, two well endowed chicks were endeavoring to give what appeared to be a visual illustration of the innuendo stuffed song. He did two more songs before handing the mic over to the Luga flo army and some guy who (mbu) makes beats with his mouth.

When Mun G returned he didn’t come alone, but along with Rabadaba, Vampino, Navio and Viboyo and they performed the Whistle song, dedicated to artistes who’ve passed on this year, preceded by a moment of silence. And when we were done with the respects (in style), Baboon forest [Mun G, GNL and Big Trill] took us back to jamming business with their Sesetula hit. The most memorable moment of this song was when Big Trill grabbed the mic for his verse upon which the crowd erupted in squeals-men inclusive.

It was an interactive concert, Mun G occasionally paused to thank his fans for the support as well as scoff at the false prophets of doom. On the same stage Latif appeared to be sewing up a costume for a model- without taking any measurements. The model was later dressed on stage before an elated crowed.

When we thought we had seen and heard it all, Mun G summoned Naava, Ruyonga and the enigmatic star who popped in an overall with his trademark mask and together they performed One blood. This was followed by Mbabandule before Big Trill came back Pusharder. Mun G bounced back with Gila tugile and the Champion song. A few minutes past midnight, after he had nonchalantly flaunted his mom on stage with a tonkuba-naku-yo-attitude to the haters, Mun G crowned the show with the crowd’s favorite; Namalayo!

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