Mishmash Halloween Party.

As a derivative of All-Hallows-Evening, Halloween day is a yearly holiday celebrated every 31st October in preparation for All Saints’ Day which follows the day after. What still baffles me though is the relationship between this creepy day and the Christian holiday day it precedes considering the former’s strong pagan roots.

At MishMash though, the celebrations were hosted 3 days in advance (to take advantage of the weekend vibe I guess) and for a fee of 20,000 (ordinary) and 40,000 (VIP), revellers were treated to an eccentric night.

If you’d inadvertently stumbled into the party (perhaps lured by the bigger-than-normal clutter of people and cars that lurked along the street), the dressing and decorations alone were indicative of something peculiar. Right from the entrance; you wouldn’t have to look far to notice the dark, spooky and creepy ambiance that typifies a Halloween experience.

If you didn’t find pretty girls in partially masked faces to wish you a spooky night, then you wouldn’t miss the front yard haunted attraction of grotesquely inverted prosthetic legs planted alongside devil forks and a giant spooky figure that forthrightly assured you that you were in a haunted location. Also noticeable were neatly carved pumpkins that were distributed all over the place glowing with lit candles in them forming the traditional Halloween jack-o’-lanterns.

There were all sorts of Halloween costumes most of which were creative homemade designs ranging from crude paper dresses to really artistic but simple designs like the shredded kindergarten-like uniform that resembled a Scottish kilt accessorised with gory face paint that made the chick look really hot in some monstrous way.

While some people came dressed as priests, others were nuns, sea pirates, captains, witches, and a Justine Bieber in a dress. Those who couldn’t come up with anything novel simply came with a mask or bought one from the stock on sale at 10,000 while others had their faces painted into some flesh hungry zombies or something.

As expected, there was a huge number of white people at the party and with all the masks floating around, it became quite easy for some partygoers to tick kiss-a-white-chick off their bucket list. However, because of the fairly good number of cross dressers and men concealing their nuts under hijabs, hitting on people at some point was like playing Russian roulette.

By midnight, the place was so packed and busy with different activities. With different screening points showing Halloween cartoons, animations and movies; different DJs also played different music genres from three different places. While some people danced themselves silly, others were drowning themselves in alcohol. Shisha was being puffed from different corners of the place. To those of us who needed to prove to our friends that we were there for the Mishmash Halloween party, we were busy posing for photos under the giant monster, in the cemetery and carrying jack-o’-lanterns. If I my ticket was VIP, I bet I would have taken a photo on the tree house as well.

Written for Proggie


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