Strange Woman

An Inquiry into Faith.

I chanced upon a strange woman’s post in which this strange woman refers to a certain strange man’s post. What was strange about the post though was the way the strange man’s post seemed to refer to a post of mine.

Scowling at this strange woman’s post, a certain voice interrupted;

“oso you, why are you getting worked up by the words “strange man”, would you prefer to be refereed to as a a strange boy?”

“But shya,”

Another one replied,

“Wama why strange man? Jeez, that statement must make you feel like you’re 40 or something, let alone the strange aspect to it.”

But then again, I don’t have my age written anywhere on my blog, so why would I presumptuously expect people to know how old I am? Besides, I’m just a few months shy of the quarter century age mark, so by all standards I’m a man. Plus, going by most of the posts on my blog, you wouldn’t fault anyone for calling me strange. That’s if I was the strange man being refereed to anyway.

But once I stopped being finicky about the words strange and man, I got to appreciate the pretty good inquisition of matters of faith the author put up in what struck me as a rebuttal to my Road To Infidelity post. In her post, the accidental economist points out challenges in the Christian faith in ways many people can relate to. Here is an extract;

“I have learned that my faith is a simple one. After all, faith is the evidence of things unseen as defined by the bible. But I have also recently learned that the invisible and the non-existent look very much a like. In as much as my faith is simple, it’s basis/it’s evidence is a big fat pill to swallow. I cannot, for example, in this day and age take the bible literally because that would mean I would probably have to go around and stone every adulterer and also isolate myself from my community when I am having my period. It would be catastrophic to take the bible literally. My other option would be to become a red-letter christian, meaning I would take only the teachings of Jesus to heart; a cafeteria christian who takes only the relevant bits of the bible and applies them; or a Jew, we all know where that one would lead I hope.”

If you have any interest in matters of faith, especially if you’re a struggling Christian who is interested in knowing how other people are clinging on, go read this blogger chic’s Inquiry into faith. It’s a well written piece.


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