Of Unhealthy Relationships

Today I finally gathered the courage to do something I should have done much earlier. It may not be the ultimate break up, but this month long break I called in today should, in the least, rectify the flaws in my unhealthy relationship. See, I’m in (if not was) in a nasty relationship with this sweet-evil girl, the kind you wouldn’t take home to your parents. “She’ll ruin you, that girl.” Your mother may say, echoing the exact words your friends have said to you over and over again.

But they don’t know how strongly you’re attached to her, how she makes you feel good about yourself. Of course you know the dangers involved in this relationship; she doesn’t build you or add any value to your life, but you would rather spend time with her than get things done, how you can’t concentrate on anything for more than an hour without battling the temptation to text her, how you want to leave work early to run into her snaring arms.

But today I decided to do the right thing and take charge of my life. I’ll not be enslaved to the disastrous relationship with Facebook that repeatedly gets in the way of my productivity. At least not for the next 30 days for which my account is going to stay inactivated. I needed to do this to reassure myself that I call the shots in this relations.facebook

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