I made a year today. More facebook regurgitation

So WordPress reminded me that I made a year here today. I thought I should blog something but I haven’t written anything new in a long time. I’ll post another facebook update nonetheless. It’s about an encounter I had with a homophobic lady at court a couple of weeks ago.

The magistrate is proceeding in chambers, I sit in open court, waiting for my matter to be called. I am sandwiched between an elderly lady and another lawyer, the two must be related, client-advocate relationship, I guess. The lady is reading a book, I am doing things on my phone, facebooking things.

“Counsel have you heard about Family Network?” She starts a conversation. I glance at the title of the book she’s reading, ‘Pornography In Uganda’ it reads.
I gather she’s saved or something.

“Oh boy, here comes a sermon.” I weep silently.

“I volunteer with them”, she adds.

“That’s good.” I smile and get back to my phone, hoping she will decipher my subtle hint and leave me alone.

“Can you imagine these gays…” she continues. My attitude changes, she wins my attention. Mostly because I like these debates, only that I mostly have them online.

“What about them?” I smirk.

“They are ruining our children, bringing here pornography. We’ve done counseling in schools, Jesus, these people have penetrated everywhere…”

(I pause and wonder if she intended the pun)

“…to the point of introducing drugs in school.” She continues. “Why do you think there are many strikes in schools? Our children are supplied with drugs, sometimes concealed in sweets.”

(I drift off into my own mind)

“This woman is a lunatic,” I conclude. “but it’s kinda fun listening to her rant.”

“You know what would be even more fun?” A genius idea comes to mind.

“If you told her you’re one of them, the repulsive gays. Hilarious can’t even start to describe the look that will grace her horror stricken face.”

PS! I am very straight.


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