I am sorry, I am just trying to photograph my Popsicles

While taking photographs for this food, I had one of those awkward moments when your neighbor catches you crouching on his designated backyard shade with a phone in hand and a tray of Popsicles, ice cubes and other things neatly laid on his veranda as you snap away at them from different angles. 

Like a deer in headlight, you freeze. The look on his face is hard to read, but it looks like a bizarre mixture of surprise and condescension. 

“How fucked up is this creep?” You imagine him thinking. “Who walks to his neighbor’s porch at 7 am to take pictures ice cubes?”

But in your defense, you honestly thought he had left, he’s always the first person to leave and the sun never finds him home. But clearly you were wrong because he’s only three feet away from you, staring down at you through his kitchen window. 

You also know that delving into the explanation that “You see the reflection of the sun hadn’t yet reached my porch and I can’t wait for 8:30 when it normally does” Will only make you sound creepier. So your lips stretch, slowly, into a sheepish smile as he draws his curtain closed on your retarded gaze. 

“I swear I am not a creep.” You want to dash to the window and explain. “It’s important that I take these photos in bountiful daylight and by the time I come back in the evening the sun will have set, or I’ll have to climb up to the pastor’s porch on the second floor to catch the rescinding line of sunlight.” But then that will now make you sound like a nutcase.

So you pretend what happened never did, and continue snapping away as you mutter to yourself, “my daughter’s milk will not buy itself.”

I know somewhere on Facebook today there maybe a status update by some guy who has a creepy nutcase for a neighbor. If you see that sort of update, please tag me and I defend myself. I am not a mad person.

Otherwise you should try these Popsicles for kids parties, I promise they are not any hustle and are incredibly cheap.


1/2 tsp vanilla extract

5 Passion fruits 

1 1/2 cups milk

100gm caster sugar


1. Mix the sugar with the milk and scoop out the pulp from the fruits.

2. Using a strainer, a spoon an 1 tbsp of granular sugar, grate some of juice from the seeds into the milk. The only reason remove the seeds completely was because I love the mixture of colors they give to the Popsicles.

3. Combine the pulp and the milk mixture and put in the fridge until almost freezing. 

4. Then mix the two, transfer to a Popsicle tray an ice cube tray (which is what I had) dip in the sticks and freeze till frozen. 

If you don’t want to suffer with the seeds, you could just blend everything together, sieve out the seeds, move to the tray, freeze.

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