And that was my first catering gig

It was my sister’s graduation, we wanted to prepare for her something decent but our budget was small. So we thought, why don’t we cook this food ourselves? We could even throw in a 4Kg chocolate a cake while at it.

And so we did; 16 dishes, a 4.8 kg Chocolate Mud Cake, just me and Eva. We knew we were supposed to serve 30 people but we ended up preparing enough food for 50.

The cake was the biggest challenge though, especially the fondant. I had borrowed an unnecessarily big (as it turned out) baking pan and the on-call support from Ka Pesh (the queen of fondant) was really helpful but dressing up a 12*12 inch cake for a first time experience with fondant was no walk in the park. 

The fondant got torn twice while being transferred to the cake, we didn’t even have a big enough rolling stick, by the time we gave up on it at 3 am all the white fondant had been blotched with the chocolate. It was mess, to say the least, but we learnt a lot from the experience. It will be better next time. 

The cooking was the fun bit though. You can never overstate the value of good friendships. Vivienne, who I’d planned to do the catering in the first place (because I don’t have the resources) decided to give everything for free. And I mean everything, from saucepans, sigiris, plates, cutlery, electricity, water plus two of her staff to help me with the set up.

“Just bring your food, charcoal and gas.” She said. 

We actually did this. Now I am thinking, maybe we can do this with bigger numbers, (with extra help of course)?

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