Where do my Chapati people go?

I am privately investigating a possible case of business rivalry that is marred with tales of witchcraft. 

Kyanja trading center was littered with hard and tasteless Chapatis that feel like goat hides until a little known woman set up a stall right opposite the taxi stage. This woman’s chapatis were soft and flavored with onions and carrots, luxuries that other Chapati vendors didn’t deem us worthy of.

We used to line up for this woman’s chapatis, especially because she only worked for only a few hours of the day, unlike her counterparts who work from 6am to midnight. She even had days of the week (like Saturday) that were not on her working calendar. But one day, this tease of a woman decided to go on vacation and never returned.

A few months down the road, the Kyanja Chapati Vending Association received a new member who set up just a few meters away from where the lady was. Like his predecessor, his chapatis were well moist, soft and devoid of roadside dust particles like the other vendors. 

Like anyone who offers a good service, his lines begun growing. I personally begged this man to stay in business and not abandon us like the previous lady did. When I asked what happened to the lady, a butcher man who was eavesdropping our conversation quipped. 

“Owaye, ebintu byawano onobisobola (my friend, will you manage the affairs of this area)?” He continued hacking into a cow high dangling on a rope in front of his stall. 

“But seriously her business was booming, why would she abandon it just like that?” I retorted.

“Katino yabivamu atembeya njeyo. Ela noyo yegendeleze (well, now she quit the business she’s vending brooms door to door, so tell that man to also be careful).”

It’s been two weeks now, the man is nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, the vendors with lousy chapatis remain unshaken while the good ones flee the business. Why they leave is the mystery I’ve set out to solve. Pray for me that I don’t go along with them in my quest.
Note: The Chapati in the photo is not a product of my own hands like all the food photos on the blog. It’s a photo I “borrowed” from Vegkitchen.com

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