RESTAURANT TROLL FRIDAY; Issue V (Grilled Tilapia, Lemon Butter Sauce, Served With Brown Rice)

Destination: 2K restaurant
Location: New branch, near old taxi park
Dish: Special fish (half) + Pilau
Price: 20,000 (Food) + 5,000 (for Juice)
On my way from Nakasero after my fruits and vegetable shopping, I noticed the new 2K restaurant branch near the old taxi park (opposite mega standard supermarket) had open up so I thought I’d drop by for lunch.
While it’s relatively smaller than the older branch at Bakuli, I like how they’ve organised it to accommodate up to 40 people dinning in and about 10 waiting on the couch for take away orders. And that’s just for the ground floor, I didn’t get to the upper floor so I don’t know what exactly is there.
I also like how they’ve embraced technology to ease service at this busy eatery. Much like you’d expect at KFC, at this branch, you enter and the first thing you notice are four big screens overlooking at the dining area displaying the food menu, drinks and other food items, detailed with animated mouth-watering pictures to give you an idea of what you’re ordering and the price. All you have to do is mention the number alongside the dish, pay cash and take sit as you wait for your order number (as indicated on your receipt) to run on the screen when ready and a waitress will bring it to you.
I have been to the old 2K restaurant a couple of times, I like their mpombo (plural for luwombo) quite a lot, but I wanted to try something I haven’t eaten there before so I ordered for the Special Fish with Pilau. While the food comes with vegetables on the side along with fried potatoes and fish stew, they also give you an option to choose between g-nut sauce and beans for an additional side (not that you need it really) so I asked for beans.
My order took about 5 minutes and when the plate got to me, I couldn’t think of a better definition for value for money. Walayi the 2k food plate is not for children, the kind of food you eat until you pass out. This is really scrumptious food at a really pocket friendly price.
I am not really sure I would call the rice pilau though, yes it’s fried brown rice and really tasty, but it doesn’t really fit the pilau profile in aroma and colour. I love the raisins idea though, and the bit of colour they add (I noticed green grains in mine) would work quite well with children, I guess. You just have to watch out for the green chilies if you don’t have a heat tolerant palate. I accidentally bit into one that gave me hiccups I had to order for juice pronto.
From the rice, to the fish, the sides, the juice and the price; everything about this food was on point. On a scale of 1-10, I would give it an 8, and I am being conservative here.
So as the custom is with #RestaurantTrollFriday, I came home and told myself I would attempt to replicate the same food in my kitchen. Unfortunately, in my search for recipes, I came across this grilled tilapia filet with lemon butter cream sauce recipe that stole my heart and I decided to twist the recipe a little bit; actually, completely. I’ll have to share my detailed recipe another day, but below are the result from my experiment, the very first at cooking with wine.
Also, because I decided to cook something completely different, there will not be a cost and price comparison this time.
The quality of the photos could have been better if I didn’t cook at night. But this was my final product, the recipe will be coming in a later post.

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