About Balamaga.

Q: Does Balamaga mean something? Couldn’t you come up with a more intricate or cutsie blog title?

A: As a matter of fact, my initial idea for a blog title was rojazb, a lame combination of my names. But having thought about the idea for a while, I decided to go with my surname.

Q: Do you have like a particular subject you blog about?

A: Not really, no. I just blog about anything that comes to mind. Today I may be giving “pep talk” to young people who have misinformed fantasies about joining the legal profession, tomorrow I will wince about my girlfriend’s new haircut, and next week I’ll write an essay explaining why I stopped believing in God. But even when I eat a bad meal I’ve bought so expensively, I’ll definitely write about it.

Q: That “Me Write Pretty Some Day” tagline sounds like a book title, Is it?

A: Oh, I stole that from David Sedaris‘ “Me Talk Pretty One Day“, that book introduced me to Sedaris and ever since then, I decided that if I’m to ever become a writer, I aspire to write like Sedaris.

Q: Do you do anything else besides writing? I mean, like a day job.

A: Well, I am a lawyer who is not very enthusiastic about his career (wait, you didn’t come here to seek legal services, did you?) But since writing can’t pay my rent, at least not yet, then I have no option but to hang in there like sex slave.

Q: Have you written anywhere else apart from your blog?

A: Sure, I had a column in Sunday Monitor for a year and before that I used to contribute to a humor section in the Sunday Vision. I’ve written reviews for proggie.ug, contributed to Urban Legend Kampala (a humor website) Reader’s Cafe Africa and also been featured on Crazy nairobian (a kenyan based satirical website).

Q: One more thing, this whole Q&A idea; isn’t there a part of you that thought, “dude, this is pretty lame”? 

A: This is all the time I have for questions, this interview is over. Thank you very much.


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