Ernest Bazanye: An Improvement On The Silence

Ernest Bazanye on Irking twitter Spammers.

In which Ernest scolds a “gormless, witless and remorseless niusance”  of a twitter spammer.

“…Without delving into the state of my finances, which are none of your business unless you have a plan to improve them, let me just say I cannot even afford to rent a shelf in a cupboard in the kitchen of one of those luxury apartments. I don’t even know anyone who does. Birds of a financial feather flock together. This means I will not even spread the word.

Yet, here we were. Ikoteh Brian, giving me his number and offering me a tour.

I don’t know which appalled me the most: the fact that this guy decided nine am in the morning on Saturday is the time to just grab my name from wherever (the guy doesn’t even know me– he doesn’t even follow me on twitter ) and throw this waste of information at me, which is kamanyiiro; or was I more shocked by the fact of just how really really really really really fucking stupid the whole operation was….”

Read the rest of the rant here


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